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WordPress ThemesWordPress Themes are what makes up the look and feel of your site. WordPress Themes can be interchanged to alter the aesthetics of a website or blog without altering the content of your site. The theme is by far the most important part of any WordPress website or blog so choosing the right theme for you is crucial. In fact the hardest part of creating a website or blog through WordPress is finding the right theme as it is hard to know what you want until you've seen it.

So we've put together a list of  some top theme developers and websites to help you choose your perfect theme.

Free WordPress Themes

Before parting with any money it is well worth looking through WordPress' own theme directory to see if you can find what your looking there for free.  There are thousands of  WordPress themes available to choose from so take your time, it will be worth it in the end.  Unsurprisingly unpaid or free themes are unlikely to have the same quality as paid-for themes but there are also a number of other points to consider when choosing your theme. With a paid WordPress theme as well as paying for the theme itself, if you purchase from one of the big developers you are also buying the ongoing support that they offer. If you opt for a free theme you will not have the option of support which may be important if you are not something of a WordPress expert.

  • Smart Magazine Themes - These WordPress Themes are quality and free provided you are happy to display their own footer links. If you want to remove the footer links it costs $25/£16 which is still very reasonable.
Paid WordPress Themes

There are a number of professional companies developing WordPress themes as well as websites where they are listed. As mentioned above the benefit of paid themes is the ongoing support and updates that you receive. These are a few of our favorites.

  • Elegant Themes - Very slick and stylish, they also offer very good customistation options and content ideas. Subscription costs $39/£25 and for that you currently gain access to over 80 themes. Note: These themes are designed purely for personal use and are not licensed to be resold.
  • Woo Themes - Professional and practical, very popular WordPress Themes with added Woo Commerce (eCommerce) functionality. Individual themes are $70/£45 though you can also become a member for a monthly fee.
  • Ink Themes - Simple and functional as well as stylish. This very site is built on an Ink Themes template. Individual themes are priced at $45/£30 or you can become a member for $147/£96 followed by $15/£10 each month.
  • Graph Paper Press - These are very stylish WordPress Themes aimed at photographers, artists, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Membership costs $125/£80 per year for access to over 40 themes.
  • Theme Fuse - These themes range in price from free (only 1) to $99/£65. Alternatively you can pay a monthly fee of $17/£11 but you must also pay an up-front fee of $199/£130 so they are not the cheapest option around.
  • Themify - All themes are available for a one-off price of $39/£25 or you can subscribe for $69/ £45 a year.
WordPress Themes Listing Sites

There are a few sites that list thousands of WordPress Themes from different developers and sources.

  • ThemeForest - This is probably the best place to start if your looking for a paid theme as there are so many to choose from.
  • Template Monster - Another listing site that has 1000 of theme options to choose from.