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If your wireless signal is not strong enough there are a number of products on the market that you can use to extend your router/hub's wireless signal.

The most efficient way is through use of a wireless extender, also know as a wireless repeater.

It is a small wireless box that connects to your existing wireless network and extends the signal to hard to reach places and dead-spots.

There are two types of wireless extenders, ones that make use of the electrical wiring in your home/office and the ones that simply boost your wireless signal.

  • The former type has the longer range as the network connection is transferred through electrical lines so can travel a great distance. Bear in mind though with this system you can link a room or office 100's of meters from the existing router but the space in between will not have wireless coverage. You install one wireless extender plug into the mains by the router and one in the room or area you wish to boost the signal too and install the software on any desired devices


  • The latter type would be more suitable for home use. You simply configure the extender near to the existing hub using the software provided on a desired device then once configuration is complete place the extender roughly half way between the hub and the area of low wireless signal. The repeater box then works behind the scenes to boost the signal, to the computer it is the same router but with a much better signal strength.