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Domain Name Registration

We offer a domain registration services with prices starting at:

  •                    £15 (two year registration)
  • .com                      £25 (two year registration)
  • .net                        £25 (two year registration)
  • .org                        £12 (two year registration)
  •                   £25 (two year registration)

Please contact us on 01792 346235 for prices on domain extensions not listed above.

Please note: The above prices include us carrying out all the searching for you. All you have to do is give us the name you wish to register and if its not available we will provide you with some alternatives.  Any domain names registered with us are registered in your name giving you full control over the domain name.

Before registering your domain name its important to take a few things into consideration. Below are some tips to help you do this.......

  • Choose a domain name that suits your business/organisation or image.
  • Make sure the domain name you register is as short as possible and easy to spell and remember.
  • Use other extensions - for example if you register a domain name think about also getting the .com.
  • If the name you want is registered use the WHOIS search facility which will supply their details. You could then contact them and ask if its for sale.
  • Make sure the domain name is renewed on its renewal date to keep ownership.
  • Choose a domain name that matches as closely as possible the service you are offering i.e. Company ABC123 seels used cars in South Wales. It would be more beneficial to purchase SouthWalesCarSales than ABC123. 

If you require any further information click here to have a call back or telephone us on 01792 346235.