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New website launched

At long last our new website was launched today. As well as a new look and a full list of our services you will also see our new knowledge base.  Over the coming weeks we plan to add information and guides to help your business use technology more effectively so, watch this space. If you would […]

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How to Boost My Wireless Signal?

If your wireless signal is not strong enough there are a number of products on the market that you can use to extend your router/hub’s wireless signal. The most efficient way is through use of a wireless extender, also know as a wireless repeater. It is a small wireless box that connects to your existing […]

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How to speed up my computer?

If your computer is running slower that what you’d like, the chances are it’s the computer’s memory or RAM that’s is holding up the show. An easy way to counter this without having to spend any money on buying a memory upgrade is to configure something called Virtual Memory. It is an extra chunk of […]

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How to create a Facebook page?

You can create a Facebook Page easily from your existing profile or by going to the following link: Firstly you will need to select a category and then follow the subsequent steps. Further information and help on doing this can be found at the following link:   Have a look at how other […]

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective method of keeping touch with previous visitors as well as potential new ones. Rule of thumb is 60% of the future business could be attributed to effective marketing to previous customers. Email marketing can also help drive traffic to the Web site as well as offering an added-value service […]

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