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Take control of your website:

Combine a powerful website solution with online and classroom training

Hosting + Ready to Edit Website + 6 months access to comprehensive tutorials for £99

No more waiting for the developer and having expensive bills for updating your website

Our Core Services

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Website Services

- Website Hosting

- Domain Name Purchase/Transfer

- Hosting + Ready to Edit Website + Video Tutorials

- Website Appraisal Service

- Website Updates with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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WordPress for businesses:
- Online Video Tutorials: JustWP.co.uk
- Classroom Workshops with online video tutorials membership

Other Training:
- Social Media: Basic and Intermediate
- Ebay: Basic and Ebay Shop
- Email Marketing
- Using Google Apps for Business
- Wikipedia/Wiki Voyage to Promote Your Business

Latest Post

Wikipedia Accredited

We are now officially accredited to deliver Wikipedia training. We will be looking at delivering this training within the next three months so watch this space and if your interested please do not hesitate to …

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WordPress Themes – Finding the Right Theme for You

WordPress Themes are what makes up the look and feel of your site. WordPress Themes can be interchanged to alter the aesthetics of a website or blog without altering the content of your site. The …

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WordPress Plugins – Recommended Plugins

WordPress Plugins are simply pieces of software or ‘apps’ that add extra functionality to your website or blog. There are tens of thousands of WordPress Plugins to choose from so the chances are there …

Client Testimonials

  • Paul Gadd from Tawemedia Ltd was asked to look over our IT and help us to use our systems more effectively. As a small company without an IT expert, we needed someone to tell us what we were doing right, and what we were doing wrong. He spent a full morning with us and quickly thereafter produced a full and comprehensive report which we have found to be invaluable. Not only did he make some very good recommendations, but he also produced us with several useful contacts and sound advice. We have already used this to our advantage and will continue to return to his report throughout the coming year and implement more of his ideas. He has saved us money and made us more efficient. Last, but not least maybe, he uses no techno-jargon and explained everything in plain and simple terms! Wendy, The Cognitive Centre Foundation

  • I would like to recommend Paul for the excellent work he has conducted for me and my company. Paul has been of great service both as an IT expert (increasing my sales) and through the Wales Commerce where he has given me very good support and help in attaining new business. Paul has a very good manner and is really and expert in his field! Paul Chambers, Phoenix Cymru

  • First met Paul in 2007 and helped me obtain funding for a project I was working on, Paul is easy to work with, took the time to understood my needs and acted promptly, efficiently and successful. I have used Paul again in recent months to look at my IT infrastructure and provided a valued opinion I would certainly recommend Paul to anyone looking for an honest, trustworthy and very capable person to help them in their business. Phil Hardman, Electronic Services

  • Paul has been a terrific help to us regarding all our IT issues and online marketing, with some financial support from the Welsh Government, for which we were very grateful in these challenging times! He guided us through the process very swiftly & I would not hesitate to recommend him. Julie Williamson, First Call Coffee